It is a great 'everyday' honey that can be used with or added to anything (a tablespoon into a gin and tonic works wonders), especially considering its very reasonable price. It's also a great starting point to explore the different varieties (and quality) of honey!

Jason L.

Some of the best honey I've had! Perfect to take with me when I leave the house!

Ben P.

I bought 8 jars for my overseas family as a gift. I am pretty sure they will love it too.

Azmat J.

This is some good honey 🍯🍯
Been eating it in spoonfuls
10/10 would consume copious amounts of again

Bruno F.

Very easy to put inside your tea, smoothie, coffee or water. Very tasty too and more healthy as a snack than candy.

Jeeman C.

The rewarewa honey was rich in taste with a nice thick texture, it melted off into a perfect balance of sweetness, would highly recommend it to caramel lovers!

Riz K.

Amazing flavour, consume it almost daily! The health benefits are great and will surely buy more!

Rahil S.

Super tasty and incredibly handy. Great for when you're on the go - I pack this with my lunch and it's awesome having a versatile option like these snaps!

Gerard S.