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From hive to your home

Our honey goes through a journey before meeting you

Our little honey bees work hard to bring you theHoneyman products you know and love. But how do we bring you our signature smooth and silky velvet grade honey?

Read on below to learn more about our process.

Where it all begins

A blooming beginning

It begins with the blooming of New Zealand native flowers across the countryside in remote, pristine locations where our bees start the process of bringing you your favourite sweetness.

Different native flowers prefer different parts of New Zealand, and we work closely with our trusted beekeepers to bring you your favourite varieties.

All theHoneyman honey is 100% natural pure New Zealand Honey.


Only taking what we need

Our bees work hard to bring you our delicious collection of honey. We only take what we need to ensure hive health and keep our little worker bees happy.

75% of beekeepers in New Zealand operate 10 hives or fewer, and through working closely together we support local industry.

Silky smooth, velvet grade honey


After being extracted and filtered through a 200 micron sized filter, our creaming process begins. This is done in a controlled environment where the temperature and speed are carefully set, which slowly breaks down the sugar crystals over 72 hours and creates our signature silky smooth, velvet grade honey you love.
Our creaming process is natural, and leaves all the beneficial healthy goodness intact inside our honey.
Regular raw honey will naturally recrystallise after 1-2 months. Creamed honey stored well will naturally recrystallise after 6-7 years.

Jars, snaps, bottles or boxes

Packaged for you

After samples are sent away for independent laboratory testing to guarantee and certify the highest quality, our honey is lovingly packaged into our jars, before making their way to you to enjoy.

Only the finest quality New Zealand honey makes it into our products and is selected by us for you, anything less than the best is not theHoneyman.

Deliciously Smooth

The best New Zealand honey

We're incredibly proud of our honey, and hope you enjoy our products as much as we've enjoyed making them for you. 

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