theHoneyman Bee on Manuka Flower

Manuka honey is a honey that has been sought after and used for centuries. It is a particularly rare type of honey, derived from nectar collected from the native Manuka flower (Leptospermum Scoparium) in New Zealand. The rarity of this honey comes from the exceptionally short flowering season of this particular flower, which is only 2 - 6 weeks every year.

These special and unique properties of Manuka are owed to a compound called methylglyoxal (MGO for short), which is found in the nectar of this special flower.

As with all things in life, not all Manuka honey is created equal and as such MGO levels can vary greatly. All of theHoneyman Manuka honey is tested and certified for MGO content to ensure the highest quality.

Every step of theHoneyman’s processes are carried out in controlled and certified environments, to ensure the MGO levels are truly as per the label.

The higher the MGO number, the more potent the properties of the honey.