SILVER MEDAL WINNER at the 2021 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Mead is a honey wine made from fermenting honey, and is one of the oldest fermented beverages in the world.

As the sugars in the honey ferment to alcohol, they create a delicious dry wine which is then back blended with our famous MANUKA Honey and matured with French Oak.

To be served at room temperature, warmed or chilled, poured over ice, or crafted into your favourite cocktails.

Different temperatures will bring out different tasting notes of citrus, luscious floral honey and MANUKA Honey.

Pair with meals that call for a sweeter sauce, such as duck, honey glazed ham, pork or oriental dishes.

theHoneyman Mead will mature and get more complex as it ages over time. 

Alcohol content 11.5%